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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thump...Thump...Skip...Thump...Thump {5 months}

Five months.  I absolutely LOVE this age.  This baby girl of ours is so full of smiles and coos, she makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at her.


And I'm not the only Alyse fan in the house...

Big brother and big sister are just a bit crazy for her too (and don't forget Daddy!)

Can you believe she already knows how to share!?
I think she's going to have to wear this onesie more often.  She was called a boy on 2 separate occasions this past week!

There. That's better. :)

She's a pretty chill baby...

...who likes to help mommy during work calls.... 
Really, mom?  Simple response variance is so...simple.
...and bounce around in the doorway jumper.
Hey mom, can you help a kid out?

We had a little blip in her sleeping record when she started to escape her swaddles.  So, I tried a few nights without swaddling, which was not.good.at.all.  She scoots around in her sleep and was doing 360s all over the crib, waking herself up multiple times a night.  So, we tried a new, bigger swaddle and we're good to go!  Hello 9 hour nights (most of the time)!

She graciously took some time out of her busy schedule to model for some 5 month pics this afternoon...

Remember when Tessa wore this ensemble?  I'm so glad I kept it. :)

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!
Her reaction to the sunglasses was nothing short of hysterical.  She was literally trying to eat them off of her face!

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