2013 Project 52

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Growing Fast

My girl.  One of the last photos of her baby teeth.  Growing so so so fast.

The Silliest Girl

Love her so much!!

Little Models

My little models generously let me use them as subjects for a little photog practice!

Strawberry Picking

The girls love picking strawberries...mud and all!  I was hoping to pick other fruits this summer as well, but we didn't get to it. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Loves Pepperoni

One evening, I was trying to get some photos of Alyse in her adorable "A" romper (which she has now refused to ever wear again), but she would not put down the bag of pepperoni. This girl loves her pepperoni. And now I have these photos to always remind me of that!


Little Snorkeler

Tessa was so excited to test out her new snorkel in the baby pool!

Still Trying...

Tessa is determined to learn how to ride a two-wheeler! She has been trying, but is not quite there yet. Keep at it, sweet girl!

Meanwhile, this little one is more like her brother and has no interest in bikes.  She'd much rather find a nice patch of grass and sit down with a good book!