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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 weeks old!

Tessa is 6 weeks old today! She's growing quickly now -- her face is filling out more and more each day. I think she's hitting her 2nd growth spurt right on target. She has been eating pretty much every 2 hours today, instead of the usual 3. Over the past few weeks, we've discovered that she has both a sensitive tummy and a sensitive bum. So far, I'm off both coffee and garlic due to adverse reactions from her (hopefully that list doesn't grow too much longer!) And, she's already had two really wicked diaper rashes, so we've had to switch to sensitive diapers and quit using wipes for now.

So, I thought it would be fun to dress her up in a few dresses that she will probably outgrow before they are weather-appropriate. It didn't go so well. (See previous post and picture below.) Hopefully she was just having a "pants" day, and is not opposed to dresses in general, or we're in for a lot of Mommy-Daughter battles!
Much happier in her comfy pants and shirt:
Wondering when she's scheduled for her next manicure...

So much for sailor outfits...

Everyone remembers "Angry Sailor", right?

Well, here's Round 2:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two and a Half

Calder is two and a half! Where has the time gone? I can't believe how fast our little boy is growing. Since Tessa's birth, it has become so much more apparent how 'big' he really is -- both physically and developmentally. To mark this milestone, Calder asked his first "why?" question ("Mommy, why did you take my pillow?") I guess we better start preparing ourselves for the barrage of "why's?" that are no doubt headed our way...Calder keeps busy these days by singing, dancing, counting, "reading", "spelling", playing with cars and trains, playing doctor (he loves using his toy stethoscope to check to be sure Mommy and Daddy's legs and arms are "ok"), "fixing" things around the house with his tools, coloring on walls and carpet, refusing to nap, constant indecision ("I want to watch Barney! I don't want to watch Barney!"), loving on his baby sister, and just generally being sweet ("Mommy, will you snuggle up with me?").

What a joy he is to us.

The Reader

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our two little sweethearts!

Friday, February 13, 2009

1 Month Old!

Tessa is 1 month old today! I took her for her 1-month well visit and am happy to report that she is now a whopping 8.5 pounds! Although that only puts her in the 29th percentile, she gained a whole pound in the last 9 days! She has been a very hungry girl lately, so I had suspected that she was going through a growth spurt. As for height, she is 21.5 inches which puts her in the 67th percentile. So, essentially, she's tall and skinny! Happily, she's also starting to grow into her 0-3 month clothing! I never thought I would get so much use out of the 'newborn' size. I swear that Calder only wore that size for a week or two before he outgrew them!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naps Schnaps...

If you've been lucky enough to listen to me complain about this topic...you already know that Calder pretty much refuses to nap on a regular basis. It seems this lack of sleep is finally starting to catch up with him. Twice in the last week he has fallen asleep on the couch while watching the Wiggles (after terrorizing his room during my attempt to put him down for a nap...) As you can see, he even fell asleep snuggled up to Tessa and I one day, which I will admit totally melted my heart, because he is typically not the snuggly type!

Big Boy, Little Girl

As I was ordering diapers for Calder yesterday, it occurred to me that our kids currently wear diapers in the smallest size possible and the largest size possible. Teeny tiny Tessa still sports the newborn diapers (but probably only for a few more days) while our big boy wears size 7 Pampers. That's right -- size 7. I'll admit he only wears the 7's at night...but since he leaks through them at least 3 times a week, I would most definitely buy size 8's if they made them!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Due Date!

Today was my official due date for Tessa. It's hard to believe that I could actually still be pregnant with her! It's already hard to imagine what our lives were like without her. She is a sweet baby who loves to gaze curiously at her mommy, daddy and big brother. She is finally starting to put on the ounces, and is now 7 pounds, 8.5 ounces. I definitely think she is going through the 3-week growth spurt -- her little cheeks are really starting to fill out. We can't believe how she looks more and more like Calder every day!

Super Bowl Champs!

It should come as no surprise that our household was happy about the result of this year's Super Bowl! What a great outcome for Tessa's first Super Bowl!!! No wonder she wanted to come early!

Monday, February 2, 2009


This may be TMI for some of you readers out there...but, since Tessa hasn't been gaining weight very steadily, we have been supplementing her after our breastfeeding sessions...which means lots of pumping for me. As I was pumping one day, Calder walked into my room and asked one of his favorite questions: "What's that?" I think I told him pretty simply "It's my pump." Either he didn't hear me quite right or he thinks I'm a camel. The next day, as I was nursing Tessa, he climbed up next to me on the couch and said "Is she eating your humps?"

Another Before and After!

We decided to squeeze in a remodel of our spare bathroom before the arrival of baby #2...but it didn't quite work out that way! Our bathroom was demolished on 1/12, and I went into labor on the morning of 1/13! So, I guess we are the champions of bad timing. Unfortunately, Dave's parents were the ones who had to deal with the inconvenience of being short one bathroom, since we were in the hospital during most of the construction. But, now that it's done, we are thrilled with the result! If you are ever looking for a general contractor, we are more than happy to provide a glowing recommendation!