2013 Project 52

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun with cousins

In early December, we enjoyed a week-long visit with my brother's family and my Dad. The kids had so much fun together!
Horsey ride from Uncle Sean!

He made it all the way across and was so proud of himself!  Mom was proud too. :)

Cutie Patootie.

Super silly cousins!

More silliness

Can you guess how many attempts it took to get this photo? 
Strolling Old Town with Poppa

Pulling Rohan on the Tessa Express

Trying out Aunt Courtney's shoes

Poppa and two of the littles

Watching Rudolph

Santa 2012

In early December, we went to a holiday celebration at a local nursery. Santa was there! Although he wasn't the best Santa, it was nice that there weren't a ton of people there, so no long lines.

Tessa was very chatty with Mr. Claus!

Alyse was very interested in the candy canes, but not so interested in getting close to Santa!
We went to see the 'real' Santa and Mrs. Claus the following weekend.  You weren't supposed to take your own pictures, but I managed to snap a few.  I only have a have a physical copy of the 'official' photo, and I haven't scanned it in yet.  Alyse still wasn't a fan!