2013 Project 52

Friday, June 29, 2007

Slide Time!

Grandma giving Calder a hand on his way down the slide.

Calder and Sandhya sliding together!

10 Months Old

Showing off all of his teeth on his 10 month birthday! There's actually six -- three on top and three on the bottom, although you can't quite see the third one on the top in this picture.

Sharing Daddy's Lap

Sharing Daddy's lap with cousin Madison!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Watching the Birdies

Calder and Lucky watching the birdies outside the kitchen window. They had a blast!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First (Assisted) Wobbly Steps

Calder had a big day today!! He took his first wobbly steps, with assistance only from a walker (and Daddy to help stabilize the walker). He's great at taking steps with his right foot, but the left foot just kind of drags behind -- it's so cute!
Also, he is now what we consider to be a master climber. He climbed from our basement all the way to our 2nd floor, pausing only a few times to catch his breath. And very speedily, I might add! I had trouble keeping up behind him!

Calder's Tunnel

So, I happened upon a moving sale on my way home from Target this morning. I almost didn't stop...but decided to at the last minute. Wouldn't you know it -- the couple had 2 boys and were moving to Hawaii, so they were literally getting rid of EVERYTHING in their house. Not only did I score some great clothes for my growing boy, but lots of storage containers, and this tunnel, which was the biggest hit with Calder. At first he was a little hesitant, but he soon realized just how much fun it was to chase his soccer ball back and forth through the tunnel!

Silly Girls

Sandhya and Aunt Courtney getting silly! Sandhya even started bopping up and down a bit, as if she was listening to some really great tunes. She must have been recalling that great Beatles cd that Grandpa made for her!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Reading in the buff

While I was in the middle of toweling him off after a bath, Calder escaped in search of a bedtime book! Which, of course, requires pulling EVERY SINGLE book off of the shelf.

And the winner is...
Pat The Bunny.

Beach Patrol!

Getting out the sunblock before a trip to the pool! Unfortunately, Calder had a major reaction to the sunblock -- huge rash all around his eye and across his forehead! Yikes! But it cleared up quickly, once we flushed his eye out and washed his face.