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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends! We love and miss you all!


Calder's favorite gift of the day was definitely his new car. He is 100% IN LOVE with it. I don't think he stepped away from it for more than 10 minutes all day (aside from naps and meals!)
Mommy and Daddy trying to catch a lift.
Calder turned into a complete chatterbox upon entering the car. He would jabber away in his own little language -- excitedly talking about his new car. I hope to post a video soon, because he had Dave, my mom and I in stitches tonight! He is truly a joy to be around! :)

Christmas Morning

It didn't take Calder long to find his stocking this morning! He pointed right to it and said 'Jor' (Curious George). He must have been a very good boy -- his stocking was the only one that was overflowing!
Calder enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast!
More Curious George stuff! Can you tell he's a favorite?
Sandhya and Calder playing with all of the balls for his new ball pit!

Fun at the mall!

On Christmas Eve, my mom and I took Calder to a local mall for a train ride. I think he enjoyed the train ride...but I can't be sure. He was so serious the whole time -- never even cracked a smile!

After the train ride, he definitely enjoyed himself in the soft play area!

Giddyup, froggy!

Holiday Sing-a-long

We had a fun time this weekend at a holiday sing-a-long that featured a popular local kids band. It was a bit much for Calder at first, but he loosened up and started showing off some of his dance moves once we moved to the back of the room.

Still building...

Calder is obsessed with stacking everything. I turned around from unloading groceries to find Calder stacking the yogurt cups! Perhaps we have an architect on our hands?

A day at daycare

Calder just transitioned to a new room at daycare, and he is doing so great! He has already learned that he is supposed to wash his hands when he arrives at school.
Calder and his little friends all ready for lunch. Check out those rosy cheeks!
Showing off another new skill he has picked up at daycare. He gets so excited when he gets to drink out of a 'big boy' cup. He's very proud of himself!

His teachers say he normally eats pretty well, but on this particular day, he refused to eat his lunch. My guess is he doesn't want Mommy to know that he really will eat meat and vegetables! (He certainly won't at home!)

Ms. Johnson reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' before nap time.

2007 Christmas Photo

Since we plan to have Calder's 18 month photos taken in 2 months, we decided not to do a professional photo for Christmas. So, we took one ourselves which was no easy task! It took many attempts on many occasions, but we finally got a good one! Too bad you can't tell that he's reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

First Christmas Cookie

Calder tasting his first Christmas cookie! He LOVED it.

Tough Choice...

Penn State...



Christmas with Nonna & Zaidy

We celebrated Christmas with Dave's parents last weekend. Calder had a great time. He loved giving AND receiving all of the gifts!

Just Cute

I took this picture one morning on my day off, and I just think it is cute. Calder is always so happy and sweet in the mornings.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Building Blocks!

Calder has really gotten into his blocks recently. Here he is intently building a tower. He stacked them 6 high before they came tumbling down!

Ho Ho Ho!

Calder paid a visit to the big man in the red suit on Friday. He did great! When the little boy in front of us started crying, Calder looked at me with wide eyes and was pretty close to breaking down into sympathy tears, but he ultimately decided against it. He wasn't overjoyed to be sitting on Santa's lap....but he tolerated it long enough to get a few pictures!

Fun at My Gym

On Wednesdays, I take Calder to a kids gym called My Gym. He always has a great time playing on all of the equipment! Here are a few shots of him enjoying his favorite activities:

He's always ready for a trip down the slide!
He REALLY loves the trampoline! Some days, I can hardly get him to do anything but this!

He's usually not one for the swings, but on this day he seemed to enjoy it!

So Grown Up!

Modeling the adorable track suit that Mommy's friend Karen got him for his birthday!

Wondrous Lights

Calder is absolutely crazy about the Christmas lights. He runs over to the tree and frantically signs 'more' until we plug in the lights, and then grins with delight as he oohs and ahhs over them!

Decorating the tree

We had so much fun decorating the tree this year with Calder. He thorughly enjoyed pulling out and hanging each ornament -- especially the 'balls'!

Ready for a shopping spree

One year old and he's already trying to steal Mommy's credit cards!

Yogurt -- what a delicious drink!

Calder has been learning to drink from a cup at daycare -- a dixie cup, which is just about the same size as his yogurt cups. So, one day during dinner, he decided to do a little homework. What a mess!

Friday, December 7, 2007

First snowstorm!

We had our first snowstorm this week! So, I suggested to Calder that we go out and play in the snow. Before heading out, he was really excited about the idea...
...but once we got outside, he took a look at his snow-covered lawn mower, said 'uh-oh' several times...

...and then decided to let me know how he really felt about the sticky white stuff!!

Happy Birthday, Lucky!

We celebrated Lucky's 12th birthday on December 1st! Can you believe it?? He still looks and acts like a little puppy!

The Grinch

Calder LOVES his stuffed grinch!

He loves to cuddle with him at bedtime...

...and sometimes at mealtime! Now, if only I could get the grinch to consume vegetables and meat -- maybe Calder would be willing to imitate that!


No, I did not put my son in the dog cage -- he honestly went in on his own accord (and continues to do so on a regular basis.) He loves to crawl into the cage, close the door and pretend he is a 'dog dog'. When we ask him what a dog says, he promptly replies 'oof oof!'
When we get home at the end of the day, Calder loves to grab my keys, and pretend he is unlocking the door -- just like Mommy did!

Daddy's little sport!

Bubble Bath!

Gramma Peggy blew bubbles into the tub for Calder and Sandhya! They loved it. The next morning, when Calder saw Peggy, he yelled


All clean and ready to share a bedtime story!