2013 Project 52

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Daddy and Me


Eh, only 4 months late this time...

Our boy is now 7!!  Where does the time go?  Can't believe how quickly he has grown, but this is such a fun age.

He loves games.  He's competitive, but not a sore loser.  He's up for anything, but especially likes Uno, Parcheesi and Monopoly Jr.

He still LOVES legos.  He flip-flops back and forth between different lego themes.  His latest loves have been Chima, Ninjago, Star Wars and Castle.  He gets so involved in them, he sometimes has trouble focusing on anything else! He builds the sets, and then almost immediately takes them apart to make his own creation.  I love his creativity, but this tends to keep him up quite late some nights!

His other big love is reading.  He flies through books like crazy and always has several books going at once.  Favorites include Magic Tree House, Star Wars, and The Secrets of Droon.

He's in 2nd grade now and he's not crazy about school.  Although he loves art and reading, he loathes writing. Since so many school subjects involve some kind of writing...well, that's why he's not so crazy about it. 

A few other things to remember about Calder at age 7.
  • He loves to be silly and tell jokes.  
  • He plays especially well with Alyse -- they are two peas in a pod. 
  • We tried to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels this summer, but he decided he's "not the kind of guy who wants to learn."
  • He's still pretty picky about food (mostly meat).  But he eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, so I'm thankful for that! 
  • He despises jeans.
  • He's addicted to his cd player.  He absolutely cannot go to sleep without listening to a story (usually while also playing with legos in his bed!)
  • He really appreciates family time.  He especially loves playing with his cousins. 
  • He can be a really good helper...when he wants to be!
Calder Lucas, you are such a treasure to us!  We love you!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Sad Goodbye

At the end of October, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Lucky dog. He had really been declining in recent months, and it was just his time. It was one of the hardest things we've ever done, but we know he is running and playing in doggy heaven with his bff and cousin Riley. Calder and Tessa took it pretty hard (as did we), but Alyse is still too young to understand. We are all adjusting to a quieter house without the little jingle of his tags. Here are a few of the last pictures that we took with him, as well as a few old favorites. RIP Lucky!