2013 Project 52

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bye Bye, Michigan!

Posing after breakfast with Mommy's T-town friends. Niki w/ her niece Katelynn, Courtney, Calder, Marla and Corey. Oh, and we're not exactly sure who that is standing behind us, but his nose sure had taken a beating!!

Spending some quality time with Great-Grandma before she heads to Arizona for the winter!

Calder's first bonfire!

Calder, Jacob and Ella collecting sticks for the bonfire!

Calder actually pooped out shortly after we started the bonfire. But Ella and Jacob stuck it out and snuggled together to stay warm.

Halloween Fun!

Our little owl is getting ready for Halloween! Hoot! Hoot!
We had a little Halloween party at Grandma's house. The kids had a great time showing off their costumes. From L to R, Ella as Tinkerbell, Jacob as Spiderman, Ethan as a scarecrow, Calder as an owl and Reese as Pocahontas! Aren't they cute!?

Mommy and Daddy with their little blue-eyed owl.

A football star in the making!

Here's Calder practicing his long-snapping skills in Grandma's yard!

Ok, so maybe he hasn't exactly caught on to the fact that basketball is a completely different sport, that doesn't require long-snapping!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Three Little Buddies Meet Again!

We went to Michigan this weekend and were able to get together with a bunch of Mommy's high school friends (and kids)! Here, Sam (17 1/2 months), Carter (14 months) and Calder (14 months) finally meet again! My, how they have grown since they last played together, back in November 2006!

The boys had a blast playing with every toy they could possibly pull out of Sam's room. They were still going strong well past 9pm! Wow!
Calder spent most of the evening hanging out in Sam's Little Tikes car (and not wanting to share!) We're starting to think it's his one true love! He's played with one on 3 occasions -- each time we've literally had to pull him away from it.
Santa, are you reading this????

The Spooky Tree

Calder is obsessed with his Spooky Tree. He carries it around excitedly and says 'Who! Who!' to mimic the little owls that pop out the top!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

Trying to decide which pumpkin to take home. They all seem so small, but I guess this one will have to do!

I called this the 'boppy gourd'. It was the exact same shape as the boppy pillow!

Now this is what I call a pumpkin!!!

Can't I take home one of these???

First Hay Ride

Calder embarked on his first hay ride at the festival. For most of the ride he was much more interested in brushing his hair, but he did enjoy trying to eat the hay (of course!)

Holding on for dear life!

Fall Festival

Today we had an adventurous time at a nearby farm that had a great kids festival. Here's Calder posing on the bales of hay with Mommy. His shirt says Mummy's Boy. While we were there, we saw another little boy (about 3 years old) with the same shirt who seemed completely flabbergasted that Calder could have the same shirt as him!

I thought Calder would absolutely love climbing all over the bales of hay, but he really wasn't that into it...

Calder saw lots of animals for the first time today, including rabbits, chickens, goats, cows and pigs! Here he is checking out the baby chicks.

Daddy cracked open this egg and look what he found! An adorable little boy!!!

Daddy and Calder getting a lesson in milking cows from Farmer Jack. Farmer Jack thought it was really funny to spray the crowd with the milk...fortunately we were not a target!

Learning about leaves

First Daddy showed Calder where the leaves come from...
Then we plopped him in the middle of a big pile so he could explore. He's excited here because he found the biggest leaf of all!

This is so much fun!!

Too Cute

I think this photo is just too cute! He was having so much fun crawling around with cousin Sandhya. He stopped to take a short giggle break and then continued playing!

And after all that heavy duty playing, THIS is how he fell asleep -- both little legs dangling out of his crib!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calder just says no to eggs

Calder was very curious and excited about the little white 'ball' I gave him to eat the other day...until he got a taste of it - yuck! The next time I offered it, I was met with very rapid head shaking -- no no no!

Steelers Sunday!

Dave and I went to the Steelers-Seahawks game on Sunday for a much-needed outing! Calder had fun hanging out with Nonna and Zaidy for the day.

More Pittsburgh Fun!

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a boy liking pink baby carriages, right!?

Fun with Aunt Lauren!

Madison and Julia's bike parade! They left Calder in the dust! No worries -- next summer he'll catch up!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Swinging with Zaidy

We had a great weekend visiting in Pittsburgh. Calder had so much fun while Zaidy pushed him in the swing!

Fun with yogurt!

Lately I've been letting Calder experiment a little more with trying to feed himself with a spoon. Unfortunately he was more interested in dipping his HAND in the yogurt, and not so much the spoon!