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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calder's Big Announcement

Surprise! We are very excited to announce that we are expecting the arrival of Baby #2 on February 4th! I know that Calder is going to be a great big brother -- I can't wait to see him in action!

We had my 12 week appt. yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat. We even heard a little kick! The nurse said the baby was really moving around. Sounds like we may have another little dancer on our hands! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dance Party!

Dance Party! from courtney on Vimeo.

Before hitting the tub last night, we took some time for a dance party in the kitchen. Calder quickly picked a favorite song from his fridge barn -- "5 Little Ducks" -- and danced and danced and danced.

Messy Boy

After polishing off his spaghetti last night, Calder insisted that we hold hands and that I sing "Ring Around the Rosy" to him. He was so happy that I complied.
What a messy boy! Trust me, he went straight into the tub after dinner!

While Mommy's Away...

...the boys will play! Calder and Daddy (and Lucky) had a great time playing in the backyard this weekend while Mommy was visiting Grandma in Michigan.

Calder discovered just how much fun a simple hose can be!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost 2

I can't believe my baby will be 2 years old in just one short month! I think he is at such a great age, and I love watching him learn and grow. I love that he calls the letter W just "double" and that his bathing suit is his "baving soup". I love the little creases in his thighs amidst what's left of the baby fat. I love that he greets me with a huge smile and a big hug each time I pick him up from day care. I love how he squeals with excitement and says "Sundy's house!" when we turn down my brother's street. I love the way he lays in his crib and sweetly asks for his favorite bedtime songs. I love that when we tell him to close his eyes, he literally puts his hands up to his eyes and closes his eyelids. I love listening to him talk himself to sleep. I love when he says "Mommy, tell me, what's this?" when he, without a doubt, already knows what it is. I love the way his bottom lip quivers and pops out into a big pout when he is just about to cry. And I love when he cuddles in my arms, gazes up at me and names all of the parts of my face. I could go on forever, but I'll stop now! There are just so many things to love about my sweet, sweet boy!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This weekend we attended Calder's friend Will's 1st birthday party. At the party, they had an artist drawing caricatures of all the kids -- what a great idea! Here's Calder's drawing. Of course we had to go with the train theme -- especially since he could hardly be bothered to step away from the train he was playing with to have his picture drawn!

Happy Birthday Will!

New Best Friend?

Calder's new best friend might very well be his giant froggy. Froggy has been riding to and from work/school with us every day lately. Today, on our commute home, this is what Calder told me:

"Mommy! Froggy love trains!"
"Mommy! Froggy love cars!"
"Mommy! Froggy love airplanes!"
"Mommy! Froggy love rainbows!"
"Mommy! Froggy love bridge!"
"Mommy! Froggy love farm!"

Hmmm....sounds like Froggy loves a lot of the same things as Calder!! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Balloon Game

We arrived at the parade site about an hour and a half early to snag a good seat, and fortunately there were a lot of things going on to keep Calder entertained. People were handing out free balloons left and right, and Calder quickly devised his own little balloon game.
He would insist on having full control of the balloon, and then he would suddenly release it, in a test of Daddy's quick reflexes! (Nice action shot, huh?)

Calder lost two balloons this way, but he wasn't upset. He would watch the balloon go up and up and wave bye-bye to it.
At one point, a little girl (about 4 years old) saw him lose his balloon, and very sweetly came over to give him one of hers. Then she asked if he had a girlfriend! :) (Later, I made sure he knew that Mommy is his girlfriend!)

Happy 4th!

We had a great time at a local 4th of July parade on Friday morning. It was threatening to rain all morning, and actually sprinkled a little bit, but it cleared up just in time for the parade!
Calder loved all of his red, white and blue garb. He's still wearing the necklace and fireman's hat around the house.

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Look closely -- the dog is wearing motorcycle goggles!

These were two of Calder's favorite sites during the parade. This Elmo balloon was awesome! It reminded me of something you'd see in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

And, of course, he was very excited to see Minnie and Mickey. Although when he had the chance to give Mickey a hug...he panicked and quickly backed away.

Another picture we couldn't resist. It's a little blurry, but if you can read the fine print, it says "Made in China". I guess we shouldn't have been so surprised...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Owl Babies

So...Calder has been suffering from extreme separation anxiety for about the past 8 weeks. I dread every time that I have to drop him off at day care, because he clings to me with all of his limbs and cries big, sad tears as I peel him off of me and slip out the door. Every week I tell
myself that this can't go on forever, and maybe the end is near. So, about a week ago, I was browsing children's books on Amazon and I happened to come across a few books recommended to help children deal with separation anxiety. Knowing that they were probably geared toward older children, I put them on hold at the library anyway, and picked up the first one this week. The book is called "Owl Babies" and it's about 3 owl babies who wake up to find their mother gone and all of the thoughts that go through their heads. Eventually the mother returns and says "What's all the fuss? You knew I'd come back." Well, even though I realize that Calder is still a bit young to transfer this concept to his own life, I still held out a glimmer of hope that it just might help a little bit. So, last night, we snuggled up together for his bedtime stories, and, with high hopes, I started reading. Around page 3, Calder started giggling. At page 4, he let out a big laugh. And, with each subsequent page, he laughed harder and harder until he was absolutely hysterical! I was shocked and a little upset that my plan wasn't working and he wasn't even listening to the book, but his little laughs were so contagious, by the end of the book I was practically in tears and could barely finish reading. So, needless to say, this morning was no different when I dropped him off. When I tried to remind him of the story, he just cried 'No' and gripped me harder. I was really hoping for a few of those belly laughs from last night, but no such luck. Ah well...strike one. We're going to move on to "The Kissing Hand" and see if that one does the trick...or at least we'll find out if it's just as funny.

In the meantime, if anyone has any brilliant coping strategies for separation anxiety (for me or Calder) -- PLEASE send them my way!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Calder had a great time this past week with Poppa and Gramma Peggy while they were staying with Sandhya. The highlight of the week was our trip to the zoo (although it was very hot!)

Calder loved holding Poppa's hand.

We had great views of the pandas!!

Sandhya and Gramma looking for zebras.

Calder and Poppa also looking for zebras.