2013 Project 52

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Calder decided he wanted to give soccer another try this year. Despite some appearances...

And despite the fact that it was fun having Daddy coach...
Soccer just isn't Calder's thing. We've given it several shots...but at this point, it's pretty clear that it's not his choice of sport.  He likes practicing and playing outside with Daddy, but he's just not into the competitiveness and speed of the games. 

At the last practice of the season, Dave thought it would be fun to let the boys give him whipped cream pies in the face.  We definitely thought Calder would be especially excited to do this.  All the boys lined up...
...and one by one, they each put a pie in Dave's face. 

...and they all loved it...
...until Calder got his plate.  He picked it up, took a big lick, and walked off in another direction while he licked the plate completely clean.  Crazy kid.
At least he got a fun trophy out of it!
And maybe there's hope for this one?? :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lavender Farm

While my mom was in town in early June, we redeemed a groupon that I had purchased for a visit to a lavender farm.  I wasn't sure what to expect, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that the farm had more to offer than just lavender.  First up...a basket full of baby bunnies! 
The bunnies were so calm and sweet.  They were all between 6 and 8 weeks old, and they were selling them for $10 each.  I definitely thought about walking away with one of those little snugglers! 

They also had a super fun playhouse and a little outdoor play area for the kids.  This was definitely the highlight for the kids.  I was super excited to see this little toy horse...I had the same one as a baby!  (In fact, my mom still has it!)

And, of course, the lavender.  The whole place smelled beautiful.  They even had kiddie scissors, so the kids could help out with the cutting.  Definitely a fun outing for all of us!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Little Shriners

We ended Memorial Day weekend with a cookout with some friends who happen to live right on a parade route.  It was super fun to see the Shriners prepping for the parade right outside our friends' house!  And even more fun when they allowed the kids to test out the little orange cars!  How cool is that?  I think I may have been slightly more excited than the kids...

And on the other side of the house, the clowns were getting ready for the parade. They were so nice to take time out to make balloon art for each of the kids! What a fun day!

Memorial Day Weekend

...and once again I find myself seriously behind! 

 We enjoyed a fun Memorial Day weekend with a visit from Poppa and Grandma Peggy. 

Tessa takes Poppa for a stroll

C and T enlist Grandma's help with their hidden pictures book.

A visit to the Udvar-Hazy Center is always fun!

The Dads have fun with a new toy.