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Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend -- Part 3

On Monday, we rounded out the weekend by taking the kids to my hometown Memorial Day parade and then had our big family gathering with aunts, uncle and cousins on my mom's side.  It's always a lot of fun watching all of the little cousins play together!

Watching the parade

Aunt Vandana and Tessa

Sprinkler time!

Blake and Tessa

I think Blake's got the right idea!

Awww...even though Blake wasn't so into the hug, they still played so well together!

Jake and Ella

Uncle John and Ethan

Sean with his little boys.

Tessa played in the grass by herself like this for a long time.

Aunt Sharleen and Jaya

Sandhya models her "wedding dress"!

Alyse and Great-Grandma Bird

Babies!  Rohan & Jaya (2 months), Alyse (4 months)

We stopped in Pittsburgh again on the way back home and got to visit with Maria and Abigail.  Abigail was so sweet with Alyse! 

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