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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend -- Part 1

We had a very fun and eventful end of May and beginning of June.  I'm going to try my best work my way through hundreds of pictures so I don't get too far behind! 

For Memorial Day weekend we went to Michigan with a stopover in Pittsburgh to celebrate Dave's brother John's 40th birthday.  It was also the first time John, Lauren, Madison and Olivia met Alyse!

I love this picture.  I love how Madison is looking at Alyse and how Olivia is totally hamming it up for the camera. :)

John and Lauren

Madison helps her dad read his birthday cards.

Alyse and Uncle John test out his new anti-gravity chair!

We made it to my mom's house on Saturday afternoon.  We didn't have anything planned, so it was nice to just relax and let the kids run around and play outside.  I love watching my kids play in my mom's yard.  It brings back so many of my own memories of playing there as a child. 

Calder is totally into dandelions. On a family walk the other night, I overheard him telling Tessa "It's not a flower, Tessa.  It's a dandelion.  The white parts are the dandies."

This little girl loves dirt!

Calder loves this magnifying glass with built in bug catcher that my mom keeps at her house.  Well...she used to keep it at her house.  Calder lifted it during this visit, and I didn't realize until we were unpacking the van after we got home.  Sorry, Mom.  We'll give it back one day!

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