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Monday, June 6, 2011

4 Months

Our baby girl is 4 months old!  At her 4 month well visit she weighed in at 12 lbs 3 oz. (20th percentile) and was 24 inches long (42nd percentile).   (By comparison, Tessa was 15 lbs, 12 oz. and 24 3/4 inches).

So, although Alyse is technically still on the smaller end of the scale, she no longer looks like a preemie. She has little rolls on her arms and legs and even a double chin!  She's even starting to fit into 3-6 month clothing! She had a serious case of cradle cap, but her pediatrician gave me some tips and it cleared right up in one day!

She's not on much of a schedule yet, but she is finally starting to 'wake up' and no longer sleeps the days away.  She demands more attention which, of course, we are all happy to give her! 

Like her brother and sister at this age, she enjoys watching ceiling fans and the mobile above her crib.  She loves to suck on her fingers and barely takes the paci anymore. She likes to try to stand on our laps with her strong little legs, so we've been giving her some time in the doorway jumper.  She's not exactly jumping yet, but she seems to really enjoy being upright and seeing the world from a new perspective.  

We definitely struck the jackpot and got another good sleeper.  She sleeps from about 9:30pm to 4am every night, and then goes right back to sleep after a quick nursing.  Yay! 

Happy 4 months, baby girl! You are so loved!

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