2013 Project 52

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The fall season is upon us, which means it's soccer time!  We signed Calder up for his first soccer "team" this year through a local youth club.  It's actually not so much a team, since they just meet weekly and spend half of the time practicing skills and the other half scrimmaging each other.  Leading up to the first "game", he was very excited...but once we got there he started having second thoughts.  Ultimately, he decided to join in. 

Go Team Bananas!

Going for goal! 

...And this is pretty much how it ended for him.  The team was scrimmaging and using his ball.  He suddently decided he didn't want to share his ball anymore, so he stopped running and sat down on his ball in the middle of the field.  When another kid got the ball loose, Calder lost it.  Ahh well...at least he made it through almost the whole hour! 

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