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Monday, September 13, 2010

20 Months!

Tessa is 20 months old today.  This isn't a grand milestone or anything...but she's growing and changing so much each day, and I like to write these things down. 

Her speech is really taking off.  She actually sounds like she is trying to carry on a conversation sometimes (although much of it is still unintelligible) and she has recently started to say her own name.  Some of my favorite things that she says:  "cookoo" for cookie, "nuk" for drink, and "baka" (we don't have a clue what it means, but she says it all the time!).   
Waiting for the "cookoos" to finish baking!
She is 110% obsessed with shoes. I have a bin of hand-me-down shoes in her closet and she frequently gets it out to play with.  It's good, quality, long-lasting entertainment!  When the closet door is closed, she'll impatiently point to it and yell "shoe! shoe!" until I get the bin out.  She is about 99% obsessed with phones. I can't make a phone call without her yelling "Nonna!" and trying to grab the phone from me. She always thinks Nonna is on the other end, and she is ready to talk to her! Sometimes she realizes it's a man's voice on the other end, and she knows it's Daddy.

Her favorite book and song is Wheels on the Bus.  She'll wave her arm in the air (trying to do the hand motions to the song) to request it.  She also LOVES to look at magazines (any kind will do).  She likes to point out all of the pictures of dogs, shoes and babies. 

Lately she is really enjoying our play kitchen and the big doll house that Nonna and Zaidy brought to her and Calder during their last visit. There is a tiny baby doll that goes along with the doll house, and she loves putting "baby" into his high chair to eat and into his cradle for "night night". It's very cute! She's also showing an increased interest in her babydolls.

She can throw a temper tantrum like a professional 2-year old.  But, she is also probably the most polite toddler I have ever known!  If you give her something, she will thank you ten times over.  Gotta love that!
Settling into her favorite little sitting spot

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