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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It just sort of dawned on me that I never made a blog announcement about the impending growth of our family!  Although I'm pretty sure that the small handful of people who read this little blog already know.  Anyway...come March 2011 we will be a party of FIVE!

Of course Tessa doesn't really get it yet...but Calder seems to be excited.  He really wants another sister and initially said he wanted to name her Tessa.  We finally got him to understand that it would be confusing to have two sisters named Tessa, so now he's favoring "Sweetie" or "Cutie". 

And for fun, here's my first "belly pic"...Calder style.  I'd say I'm about 13 weeks pregnant in this picture.  And yes, that's the baby coming out of my shoulder with a giant arm.


O Boys Mommy said...

Yeah! That is so exciting. We too, will become a family of 5 in April 2011.

Wild Family said...

I love it! so cute! We need a real belly pic though :)

Carrie said...

Congrats! We're so happy for you! Calder's drawing is hilarious. Can't wait to meet baby 'Cutie' or 'Sweetie.'

Amy Rodde said...

You're lucky! We have to name our kid "Superhero Girl"