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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tub Time Routine

Tessa LOVES her bath.  Before she's even done with her dinner, she's usually asking for her bath.  (And sometimes she asks at breakfast and lunch too!)  We have a little routine that we do every night.  First, we start the tub, then go into her room to get her towel.  She loves to carry her towel into the bathroom.

Then, she picks out her washcloth from the drawer...

Then, it's off with her clothes, and she's dying to jump in before I can even lift her in!

Yay!  I'm in!

Mommy sometimes does some hair-stylin'...  This is as close as we get to a ponytail these days!

After she's dry, she loves to help with the lotion. 

She says "hands, hands, hands" and eagerly holds out her little hands and waits for me to put a little dollop of lotion on each one. 

Then, she rubs it on her belly and legs, as well as all over Mommy. 

Ready for bed!!

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