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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Fun Day

On Calder's actual birthday, I took some vacation time to have a special "Mommy and Me" day.  I had a couple of meetings in the morning, so he went to school in the morning and I picked him up around 11am.  He had been so excited about the day, but when it actually came time to leave school he had a complete meltdown because we weren't bringing Tessa with us!  The boy loves his sister!  I finally told him that we were going to go and start our day together and if he wasn't having fun, we could come back and get Tessa.  He never mentioned her again... :)  

We started with a trip to the Lego store where he got to pick out a new lego set.  Of course, he chose the Jessie-themed Toy Story one!

Next, he got to choose a car to take a ride in.  Fortunately, another mom gave us the heads up on which ones weren't working (including the one that he wanted!) so he settled for the tow truck. 

We also took some fun pictures in a photo booth, but I haven't scanned those in yet.  :)   Then it was off to McDonald's for lunch and then to a water park for the rest of the afternoon! 

He had an absolute blast going down the slides over and over again!

Digging in the awesome giant sandbox!
Digging for treasures!

Found some!

Steering the Pirate's ship!  We had a fabulous time at the water park, and hope to make it back one more time with the whole family before the end of summer. 

Back home, Daddy came home with ANOTHER birthday cake!  This was cake #3, since he also had a cake at school on the previous day!

Finally asleep after a long day -- with the love of his life! 
I loved the one-on-one time with my little man -- and I think he did too.  :)

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