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Saturday, August 21, 2010

4-H Fair

I was excited when I heard about the local 4-H fair, since one of my favorite summer memories as a child was going to the fair!  It was basically the event of the summer in my rural hometown county.   So, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed in this fair.  The only animals that we saw were horses, pigs, and dogs, and the food selection was pretty minimal.    But, the kids enjoyed it nonetheless! 

Calder had a BLAST on the carnival rides. 

Mommy and Tessa even got to come along for the ride on the train...

While Calder led the way in the engine.

Finally, the highlight for Tessa (aside from the ice cream) was this 'cornbox'.  It was like a big sandbox, but filled with corn instead.  Lots of fun!

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