2013 Project 52

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Earlier this month, Tessa had minor surgery to remove a dark, irregular mole on her head. As you may recall, Calder also had this done around the same age!  (We're hoping this isn't a three-peat situation.)   Since Tessa's was right where her hair naturally parts and was already quite irregular, the doctors suggested removal. 

I was worried about how things would go with her in the morning, since her surgery wasn't until 11:45, and she couldn't have anything to eat all morning.  She did great though (aside from the moment in the car when she found half of an old pretzel and decided to pop it in her mouth -- right when we were parking the car at the surgery center!  I had to reach in and pull it out of her mouth...and she wasn't a fan of that.) 

She was happy and kept very busy while we waited.

And had lots of fun dressing up in silly outfits with mommy and daddy!

She did freak out when we got into the operating room, but she was asleep quickly and all went well with the procedure.  She had a really rough time coming off of the anesthesia (think epic tantrum), but eventually snapped out of it so we could go get her request of a chocolate milkshake. 

Little girl was so wiped out from the events of the morning, that as soon as we got home, she crawled right up on the couch and fell fast asleep!

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