2013 Project 52

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art Show and Science Fair

It was a busy week for Calder! On Tuesday, a piece of his artwork was on display at the local high school's art show. He was one of only three kindergarteners from his school selected to display their artwork. He was so proud (and so were we!)

Thursday was the big elementary school science fair. The science fair is only mandatory for 5th and 6th graders, but the younger kids are encouraged to participate. We decided to go for it since Calder loves science and was very excited about the idea. We let him do as much of it as possible all by himself, so it would truly be his project.  His project was called "How Does Ice Melt The Fastest?" and he experimented by placing one glass of ice in the sun, one in the closet and one in the refrigerator.  His hypothesis that the ice in the sun would melt the fastest was correct (shocker!)  He had a lot of fun and even graphed his results. (That'll make a statistician-momma proud any day!) Surprisingly, he was the only one in his class to do a project.  Here he is posing with his teacher and his shiny new medal.

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