2013 Project 52

Saturday, March 31, 2012


We awoke on St. Patrick's Day to find that the leprechauns had paid a visit to our house!   Apparently, we forgot to leave a note asking them not to make a mess, so a mess they made. 

Alyse surveys the damage.

Leprechaun footprints!

Dirty little creatures!

They can't believe it!
Calder thought it was totally awesome.  However, let's just say Tessa was not a fan of this scenario.  She still asks every few days "Why did the leprechauns make a mess?"  "Why did the leprechauns leave their footprints on our window?"  "Why are the leprechauns dirty little creatures?"  "Are the leprechauns coming back?"  She constantly needs our assurance that they won't be coming back. 

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