2013 Project 52

Thursday, December 8, 2011


To surprise our wannabe paleontologist, we headed out to Front Royal a few weekends ago to visit Dinosaurland! We didn't tell the kids where we were going, and they did a good job of tolerating the long, suspenseful drive.  Tessa was actually the first to spot the giant dinosaurs out the window. Calder was SO excited, he could hardly contain himself.  Mr. Sweetness started thanking us profusely before we even got out of the car!

A friend had warned us that this place is pretty run down (he was right). But, to a 5-year old dinosaur obsessed little boy, it was heaven on earth.

Tessa was a fan too!

The replicas were meant to be life-sized.  This Giganotosaurus, as you would expect, was gigantic!

And this baby Triceratops was actually quite small.  Calder loved the baby dinosaurs the best and spent a lot of time petting and talking to them.

Tessa wanted to ride them, but no climbing was allowed.

This massive shark was pretty cool too -- especially since the kids could climb in and out.

Tickling the Brachiosaurus' belly!

Bigger Tricertaops

Alyse and I check out the Dimetrodon.

Giving me his scariest dinosaur ROAR!

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