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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We were really happy to be able to spend several weeks with my brother and his family in November and December (as well as my mom for 2 weeks).  Here are some of the highlights.
Tessa and Jaiden get reacquainted

Bike Parade

Picnic lunch on a warm November day!

Jumping in leaves!

Tessa excitedly reported that she and Sandhya had the same shirt and the same hair (curls).

Twins Rohan and Jaya!

Does that taste good?
Alyse is excited to see Jaya crawl!

Tell me how you did that!?

Two peas in a pod.  These two picked up right where they left off and played so well together. 

All seven cousins!

Alyse gets to know Aunt Vandana
Bedtime snuggles with Jaya

Jaiden, Rohan, Tessa and Jaya
Calder and Sandhya enjoyed playing games together!

Making Christmas tree desserts.
Hugs from Sandhya!

The three babes
Teething anyone?
Alyse finally started warming up to my mom after almost 2 weeks!  (She is going through a huge "mommy" phase right now.
Ready and excited for sleepover #1!  They are wearing their fuzzy "sleepover socks" that my mom got for them.

Hmm...only half of the duo looks ready to sleep.
They were so excited about the sleeping bags...but they did not last long.  They had both climbed into bed within 5 minutes of me leaving them.  (But it took a bit longer than 5 minutes for them to fall asleep!)  Calder fell asleep with Sandhya's socks on his hands! 

Sandhya's pretty cake!

The birthday girls.  My cousin Jennifer came down for a weekend.  Their birthdays are one day apart.

They had a lot of fun with Jennifer!

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