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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Water Bugs

Calder and Tessa both took swim lessons this spring.  They just finished up their lessons a few weeks ago, and it was a huge success for both of them.  We already knew that Calder LOVES swimming, and we were pretty sure Tessa would too, since she enjoyed the neighborhood swimming pool last year. 

She was a little clingy with Daddy before her first lesson. 

But once she got in the water, she was ALL SMILES!  In fact, she made sure we knew that she was not ready to leave when the lesson was over by throwing her biggest tantrum to date.  It lasted all the way to the locker room, out to the car and the entire way home.  Fortunately, she continued to enjoy her lessons, but there were not repeat performances of that tantrum!  

Can't wait to get started!

More swimming smiles. 
Showing off his skills!  I think he was a little advanced for the class that I enrolled him in, but it was hard to tell which class to choose based on the descriptions.  Oh well, he still had a blast!
Super swimmer!

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Carrie said...

That last picture of Calder in the goggles is especially cute :)