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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day Love

I definitely felt the love this Mother's Day!! We had a fun-filled weekend of family activities. 

We decided early in the week that we'd do a boat ride on the Occoquan River for Mother's Day.  But with rain in the forecast for Sunday, we decided to take the boat ride on Saturday instead.  However, when we arrived at the boat launch, we discovered the boat rides were not taking place as scheduled.  We were bummed, but decided to make the best of it and took an impromptu family hike through Occoquan Regional Park. It was really pretty and the kids loved throwing rocks into the river and waving at the boats going by.  

After our hike, we headed across the river to grab dinner at one of the riverside restaurants.  It was our first time dining out with all 3 kids...and I won't lie, it was tough.  The restaurant was busy, and I don't think they were used to having such large crowds, so the service was pretty slow.  Fortunately, we had an outside table by the river, so Dave and I took turns walking the dock with Calder and Tessa and letting them burn off some steam! 

And for Mother's Day this year, I scored 2 bouquets!  This one is from my boys. :)  Calder picked out most of the flowers with just a little help from Daddy.  I was quite impressed since these are the same colors as my wedding bouquet!  Dave said the cashier liked the bouquet so much, he took a picture of it so he could buy the same one for his mother. :)

My second beautiful bouquet came from my sweet friend Lindsay.  She never fails to surprise me!
I also scored homemade blueberry pancakes AND the necklace that I wanted: 
On Sunday afternoon, we headed back to Occoquan and caught the boat ride.  It was something fun and different to do, and we all really enjoyed it!

I can't conclude this post without the following picture, since it depicts one of my daily motherly duties so well...keeping Tessa from literally smothering Alyse with love. 

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