2013 Project 52

Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Inspiration

I really love cute paper products and cards and things of that nature.  Especially when you can personalize them.  I recently came upon this cool new website www.papercoterie.com and immediately LOVED their products.  In fact, they were offering a $40 credit to all new customers last week...but I couldn't get my act together to personalize something before the promotion ended.  I especially love their personalizable wall posters, and after studying them a bit today, I realized I could probably make something similar using my digital scrapbooking software.  So, I gave it a shot and I am in love with the results!

My plan is to have these printed as 8x10s, hang them on the wall and update them each year.  They will make great keepsakes too, as a quick reminder of what each child was like at every age.


Carrie said...

So clever and cute! Yet another thing to add to your etsy shop ;)

Wild Family said...

These are so adorable Courtney! Yes I agree a thing you can add to your etsy shop!

Neala n Dave said...

I love those. Great job. What software did you use?

Susannah said...

Great idea, Courtney! You are so creative!