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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Months

Alyse is 2 months old!  Although I don't think she looks much like Tessa did at this age...I thought it would be fun to play a little game of who's who.   So, take a guess...which one is Tessa and which one is Alyse?


At her 2 month well visit, she weighed in at 8 pounds 10.5 ounces and was 21.5 inches.  This is almost a 2 1/2 pound weight gain in the last month, and just enough to outweigh both of her brand new twin cousins who were born last week (they were 7lbs 7oz. and 8lbs 5 oz.)! When she was born, she was in the 1 percentile for weight and height, and I'm happy to report that she's now in the 7th percentile for weight and 19th percentile for height!  She's still in the 1 percentile for head circumference though...but the doctor said not to worry.  Maybe she's just not meant to have a big noggin like her brother and sister.  :)

She is still in the super-sleepy stage, but I guess that is to be expected since it's really like she is only 2 weeks old.  She does have periods of alertness, which Calder and Tessa especially love.  She's pretty tolerant of tummy time and has been really impressing us with her ability to hold her head up.  Oh, and she's an excellent nighttime sleeper.  However, we're not sure if this is just because she's still so sleepy all of the time.  Regardless, we were happy to get the go-ahead from the pediatrician to let her sleep longer at night.  She's had several 4-5 hour stints!

In the last week or so, she developed a little red spot on her bottom lip.  Her pediatrician said this could be a hemangioma, so we are to keep an eye on it.  Because of it's location, we're hoping it doesn't grow too big...but we've definitely noticed some growth just in the last week. 
We continue to enjoy every moment with our sweet baby girl!

And now for the answer to my little quiz...Alyse is on the left and Tessa is on the right.  How'd you do?


Carrie said...

Yay, I was right!! :) Will was super sleepy, too. He slept all day, every day until he was about 4 months old. Although, we weren't getting 4-5 hour stretches out of him until way later. Alyse is a little sweetie pie!

Wild Family said...

1st pic Alyse and 2nd pic Tessa :)

Mary said...

I was right!