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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Hunt(s)

On Friday, I took the kids to their first (and probably last) big Easter Egg Hunt at a local high school.
Unfortunately, it did not turn out at all how I anticipated! Long story short, neither one of them got any eggs. The 2-3 year olds went first, and Tessa and I got off to a slow/confusing start. We were at the back of the pack, and I didn't want to get too far away from where Calder and Alyse were waiting on the sidelines.  She didn't seem to care that she didn't get any eggs, but I felt bad for her and asked Calder if he would share some of the eggs that he was about to get.  He agreed and was soooo excited about his turn to run onto the field.  Before they started his group, they asked all of the adults to stay on the sidelines and let the kids go out by themselves.  But as soon as they started, some crazy mom picked up her kid and charged onto the field, trampling Calder in the process!  His shoe went flying off and that was pretty much the end of it.  By the time I put him back together, all of the eggs were gone and he was in tears.  Poor little guy was so heartbroken, I wanted to burst into tears with him!  Fortunately, another dad saw how upset he was and came up behind him and said "Is this yours?  It was falling out of your pocket!" as he handed him an egg.  I was so thankful!  Calder got a huge grin on his face and all was right with the world.  :)

So, on Saturday, we decided to try another hunt.  This time it was at a small church and we had Daddy in tow.  It was fantastic, and this is definitely the route we will take in the future!  Both kids got their share of eggs and had fun in the process. 

Happy Hunter!

Although Calder did have fun, he got off to a rocky start here too.  He burst into tears when he realized I wasn't coming out with him.  Maybe he's just not cut out for the stress of an Easter egg hunt!
Tessa was pretty much obsessed with the Easter Bunny! I was very surprised by this, since she did not dig Santa this year at all! She was not afraid of the Easter Bunny one bit -- check out the stink eye she's giving to the other little girl who was trying to get in on the bunny-lovin'!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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