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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Part Two: School Parade

The kids' school held a Fall Festival and parade on the Friday before Halloween.  The parents sat at some picnic tables at the back of the school, which happens to be right outside Tessa's classroom.  It was so cute to see all those little faces inquisitively pressed against the glass.

Calder's class was one of the first groups in the parade.  I could see him scanning the crowd looking for me from the moment they stepped outside. 
Once he finally saw me, he ran right to me, gave me a big kiss and hug and then rejoined his friends.  Love that kid!!
Tessa's group came near the end of the parade.  Fortunately, she did not see me, or else she would have been crying just like poor Ava.  Apparently, she refused to wear the hat or headband that matched her outfit. 
 Tessa and some of her friends. 
 Tessa's whole class, along with their teachers, Ms. Jacky and Ms. Julia.  Three of them were dressed as bumblebees!

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