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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Potty Training, Schmotty Training.

**Disclaimer: Underwear used in the making of this photograph was clean. At least I think so.

Potty Training. Ugh. I was just perusing old posts, and was horrified to discover that Calder first peed on the potty 13 months ago. 13 months ago! And he still isn't potty trained! And frankly, it's not going so well. Well, it's not going so well at home. If it wasn't for the fact that he pees on the potty all day long at school, I'd totally assume that he's just not ready and give it up for a month or so. But he has been peeing on the potty at school for several months now and has been accident-free at school for about a month. At home...not so much. He consistently resists using the potty at home. Except, of course, after he's been in bed for a half hour or so -- then he's more than willing to tell us that he needs to use the potty, because it's a grand excuse to get out of bed, and one that he knows we won't deny him (for the record, I guess it's really not technically an excuse, because he always goes.) Sometimes we get ambitious and put him in underwear at home...but then he usually just ends up going in his underwear (or worse -- going #2 in his underwear) and then maybe he'll tell us about it. Clearly, we're doing something wrong.... Any chance there's a magic potty fairy out there? If you find her, send her my address.

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Wild Family said...

I have to say, my mom was the majic potty fairy with Ella, Ella was 3 years old before she was potty trained and it took my mom one day! and it was done.