2013 Project 52

Monday, September 14, 2009

Private Picnic

About a month ago, my dad and Peggy came for a weekend visit. It was a nice weekend, so we took the opportunity to have a picnic at a great place called River Farm which overlooks the Potomac. They have beautiful lawns and gardens and even a few kid-friendly aspects, including this child-size picnic table. Calder and Sandhya descended upon the table with Sandhya's picnic basket in tow, and we barely heard a peep from them over the next hour -- except to request more food from their "servers"!

They were so darn cute as they served each other, drank their "tea" and shared their cheese and goldfish.

Working off that lunch with a quick run through the arbors!
The "adult" picnic!


Wild Family said...

that little basket...is it a toto, from wizard of oz basket? very cute!

ken said...

What a beautiful group of photographs. You do good work, Court.