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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OBX 2009

Yes, we went to the beach a month ago. It has taken me this long to sort through all of the pictures that I took. We had a great, relaxing week that went by way too fast. The weather was great...but we actually didn't spend much time at the beach, because Calder was absolutely terrified of the ocean. Like, he couldn't even see it without having a meltdown. Oh well...maybe next year! Fortunately, there's a pool at the house that we stay at, so we spent a lot of time there! Anyway, here are the highlights, in no particular order, since I don't have the patience tonight to deal with the annoying way blogger uploads them... Blowing bubbles on the deck.
Sweet feet!

Mommy and her girl

Posing with the grandparents.

Happy Family!

Sleepy swimmer...

Calder joins Daddy in his favorite place!

Flying his kite at the sand dunes
Racing up the dunes
Lovin' the shades!
The one and only beach picture of Calder.


Wild Family said...

Love the pics...so you have to save the Rolling Stones tee for me :)

Neala n Dave said...

Those are great, beautiful, and fun pictures. Looks like you had a nice time!