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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Pre-Parties

Last Saturday was a busy day for us! We visited a pumpkin patch in the morning (pics to come later) and then had two parties to attend. The first was a fun fair and haunted house at Calder's elementary school. It's one of many 'event' fundraisers that his school does in place of having the kids sell wrapping paper, pizza, etc. Since we were there early, they were doing the 'lights on' version of the haunted house. Calder was a little disappointed about that, but the kids still had a great time playing carnival games and winning lots of candy and cheap toys.
Blue hair!
Cotton candy -- a favorite for my sweets-loving girl!
Calder and one of his best buddies from school.
Tessa the vampire!

 Next up was Daddy's work party at Hogan's Alley.  So much fun (and so much candy!) for the kids! 

A jailbird tests out the police segway!

She's a natural, right?

Mommy poses with her Halloween cuties!

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