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Monday, November 19, 2012

Goodbye, Fall

The chilly weather has set in, and we are already missing the wonderful, warm fall days of October and all of the fun outside playtime that came with it!  We still have many a leaf in our yard (does it ever end?), but the kids are not as wild about playing in them when it is cold outside.  But we definitely took advantage of the fall fun while it lasted!

So much fun with neighbors!

 Tessa poses with her leaf "3" and Alyse walks right on by her "1".

This little one is just not a fan of playing in the leaves.

  She'd rather try to escape and take off through the neighborhood. 

Good thing she has a big brother and big sister who made a fun game of corralling her back in (and it gave Mommy a break too!)

Alyse thought it was pretty funny too. 

 She was finally convinced to play for a few minutes. :)

 And oh how we love to swing!  We are so lucky to have a little playground right behind our house. 

So insanely in love with those ringlets.


Yes, yes...I have a smart baby girl. 

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