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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

I learned my lesson last year about those big, free, public Easter Egg Hunts.  So, this year we splurged on an event at a historic home in Old Town, The Lee-Fendall House.  It.was.awesome.  It was laid back, relaxed and not even close to crowded.  They had snacks, crafts and yard games for the kids.  It was a gorgeous morning.  And best of all, there were plenty of eggs for all of the children.

Tessa made Dave open each egg as soon as she picked it up.  She was pretty disappointed to find that the eggs were filled with little toys instead of candy...but the cookies at the snack table made up for it! 


The other wonderful thing about this event?  We had full access to the Easter Bunny for the entire time!  This was especially great since Tessa was pretty skittish about him at first, but after a little bit of time, she eventually came around.  Calder was, of course, a fan from the second we walked in!

The Lee-Fendall House has a gorgeous lawn, which provided a great place to get some good shots of the kids. :)

Since I was pretty sure Calder would be crawling around on the ground, I had him wear jeans.  They were his good jeans though (i.e. the ones with only one hole in the knee).  I was right about him crawling around on the ground, and by the time we left he had two matching holes in his knees. Such is life with a 5 year old boy!
We will definitely return here for future Easter egg hunts!

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