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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Months

Sweet baby Alyse is 6 months old!   At 6 months, she loves to roll from back to belly, giggles a lot (especially at Calder and Tessa), chews on anything and everything (even your face if you're not careful!) and is just a joy to be with.  She's 14 lbs 13 oz (28th percentile) and 24.75 inches (18th percentile).  She's definitely starting to catch up...although she may never catch up with big brother and sister who were always much higher on the growth curves. 

She found her feet! But only when she's sitting up in the bumbo seat.

She has officially ventured into the world of baby food.  So far...she's not much of a fan (just like her sister) although she's still trying to figure out what to do with her tongue.  We've tried rice cereal, avocado, squash, bananas and peaches.  She wasn't too crazy about any of them...except peaches.  This girl really loves her some peaches (again, just like her sister)!  I stepped away from the table for a moment while I was feeding her and she burst into tears!  But all crying stopped when I came back and shoveled the next bite into her mouth. :)  Calder and Tessa get a real kick out of seeing her eat, but in general they think her food looks "distusting". 
What is this?

Movin' to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches
Hmm....maybe she's just holding out for the real stuff!
We've hit a bit of a hurdle in the sleep department.  She started rolling from her back to belly, so we had to stop swaddling her.  NOT GOOD!  She rolls and scoots herself all over the crib and gets stuck in compromising positions, waking herself up in the process.  Then she screams for help because she has forgotten how to roll from her belly to her back!  Ever since we said goodbye to the swaddle, the nights just have not been the same.  (Part of me thinks it might be karma for telling someone a while ago that the sleep deprivation wasn't bothering me the 3rd time around.  So, I'm eating my words.  It's bothering me.)  We did make a bit of progress this week however, when we realized we were keeping her up too late and she was extremely overtired.  She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 now and at least that part is going a little more smoothly now!
Help! Help!

No teeth yet, but she is a drooling machine!
She loves to chew on the crinkle taggie toy that I made for her!

She loves to grab her toys and try to get them in her mouth.  She has started to notice Lucky and loves to watch him when she's perched upright in the exersaucer.

She loves her big brother and big sister.  They make her laugh with their funny antics.  And big brother and big sister love her oh so much.  We all do!

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