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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pancakes and Firetrucks

 We started our Saturday morning off early, with a visit to the local fire department.  They were hosting an open house, complete with a pancake breakfast and lots of fun activities for the kids. 

First, the important stuff...PANCAKES!

Next, hand and face painting.  Calder had a fire hydrant painted on his hand. 
 Tessa was very intrigued by the hand and face painting, but wasn't brave enough to try it herself. 

Then, outside to the dalmatian bounce house! 
And finally, on to the fire trucks...  True to form, the first thing Calder did upon taking his seat inside the fire truck was to put on his seatbelt.  Poppa would be proud!
 Tessa checks out the front of the fire truck. 
 Calder was SO excited about the headphones! 
 He kept shouting "Four Alarm Fire!" into the microphone. 
The firefighters were beyond friendly and really took their time to explain things to the kids.  The fire trucks have manual window cranks, and one of the firefighters got a real kick out of Calder asking what it was.  It never occurred to me that he has never seen such a thing!
 A little bit of role play before we left. 

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