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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm getting there...

So, I splurged and bought Photoshop Elements several months ago...and I just haven't made the time to really learn how to do it.  This week, my friend Carrie inspired me to get back into it...so tonight, I broke out my handy dandy instruction book and went to work. 

Occasionally I take my camera settings off 'Auto' and try to get a little fancy with the settings.  I usually like to play around with the different lighting settings...but the only problem is that I frequently forget to reset them...and then I end up with a picture like this:

This is my cousin's adorable son, Blake, and I totally ruined the picture by having my camera on the wrong settings.  Actually, half of my 4th of July pictures came out with this horrible blue cast over them, and I was SO mad at myself when I uploaded them to my computer...I guess I wasn't paying attention as I was snapping away.  I tried quickly color-correcting them with my standard photo editor, but they were all still completely washed out. 

Enter Photoshop...  After a few simple steps, the image improved drastically!  However, the green grass still seems really washed out and his skin tone doesn't look quite right. 

A few more steps...and voila!  Total, undeniable, 1-year old cuteness!!!

I still wouldn't say it's perfect...but it's SO much better than what I had before.  Now, off I go to fix the rest of my July 4th pics...maybe then I'll actually get around to posting them on the blog!

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