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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Three Little Pigs

This morning, Calder told me a wonderful version of The Three Little Pigs.  I had a constant smile on my face just listening to him go on and on.  So, this afternoon, I asked him to tell the story to my camera.  It came out a little different this time.   Actually...a lot different.  He became distracted by thoughts of springtime, the Easter Bunny, and his new favorite TV show "Little Bill"...so there isn't a whole lot about the three little pigs.  Warning...although this video is super cute (in my humble opinion) it is also very long!

The Three Little Pigs -- Take One

Three Little Pigs -- Take One from courtney on Vimeo.

Here's Take Two (which is shorter).  He was able to stick to the story line a little better once we got inside our "brick house".  It starts off pretty dark, but then I figured out how to crack a window to let a little bit of light in.

Three Little Pigs -- Take Two from courtney on Vimeo.

I love this little boy!

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Niki said...

What's up with the goggles?