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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Channeling Martha

So, what's a momma to do when snowed in for an entire week? Chasing the kids around and dealing with cabin fever didn't leave me a whole lot of free time...but I did manage to find a little bit of time to get in touch with my inner Martha Stewart! I love making things...and I'm always finding these great ideas that I want to try, but I usually just can't find the time. So, anyway, here's what I cranked out last week. For Calder -- his very own Diego pillow case! It was a huge hit with my little Diego fan and really, sew easy!

And for Little Miss T? A cute little "T" onesie.

I'm obviously no competition for Martha (thank God you cannot see the details in my stitches from these photos!), but I really had fun with these projects and hope to find time for more! I really like to sew, and since my 4-H training only goes so far, I'm thinking that I'll actually go ahead and sign up for some sewing classes like I've been talking about for years now...

Now, about that blanket that I've been knitting for Tessa's first birthday...

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Wild Family said...

love "T" t-shirt...so cute!