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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tessa's Winter One-derland!

We had a "Winter One-derland" themed party for Tessa a couple weeks ago. Winter birthday parties are hard since venue options are limited...so we just decided to have it at home. It was a crowded house, but really fun to celebrate with many loving friends and family! Here's the banner I made for her. I love how it came out. In fact, it's still hanging up! I'll definitely save it for future birthdays. :) My talented friend Mary made the adorable cake. (She also made Calder's 1st birthday cake!)

The igloo and the penguins were made out of rice krispie treats!

Quick photo op with Mommy and Daddy.

Ready to dig in...

Our dainty little girl did not make a mess at all!

She was much happier once I gave her a fork!

The penguins were a huge hit with the 3 and under crowd. Luckily, they were all willing to go halfsies.
Tessa takes a break from partying to see if Olivia has any teeth.
Lollipop party favors!
I totally forgot to put Tessa's birthday hat on her at the party, so she modeled it a few days later (for about 2.2 seconds). You can't really tell in the picture, but it's made to look like a birthday cake with candles on top -- too cute!
Thanks to all who celebrated with us!

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Susannah said...

Tessa's birthday must be coming right up! Tomorrow?? I was just looking back at last year's pictures and wondering how you made that cute little birthday sign. Would you share your technique? It's so cute! And Happy Birthday to Big Girl Tessa! Can't believe she will be a big sister so soon. :)