2013 Project 52

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Eve*

365 days ago, you my precious, were delivered from heaven and changed our lives forever. 365 days ago, you made Calder a big brother. 365 days ago, my heart grew as I held you in my arms for the first time. For 365 days we have loved you, adored you, and cherished you. For 365 days our world has been happier because of you. For 365 days we have had a daughter, a baby girl, our Tessa Camille. 365 days of Tessa, Little T, and Tessa-Bear. For 365 days Calder has had a sister, a playmate, a best friend. For 365 days we have smiled bigger because of you and laughed more because of you. For 365 days we have thanked God for blessing us with you. 365 days of you.
*Ok, so here's the disclaimer. I have to fess up and admit that I didn't actually write this. I randomly found it elsewhere on the web...but as I reflect on the last year, this just completely sums it all up in a way that I never could have put on paper myself. Aside from the obvious changes, I didn't steal it totally word for word...does that count for something?

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