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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pool, Pole and Pull

I've always teased Dave about the fact that I can't tell the difference when he says "Pool", "Pole" and "Pull". Coming out of his mouth, they all sound exactly the same to me. I always have to stop and consider the context of the conversation to figure out which word he means. We've had countless discussions/arguments about this which always result in both of us saying the 3 words back and forth to each other as I try to explain how they should sound different. I blame it on his "Pittsburghese" and he claims that I over-pronounce the 'oo' sound. Anyway, today I finally got the evidence that the Pittsburghese is rubbing off on Calder! So, we went to the local rec center for a birthday party. If you are standing on the 2nd level you can look down through several large windows into the indoor pool. Calder caught one glimpse of the pool, ran over to the windows and excitedly exclaimed "Mommy!! Is this where Santa lives?" I was completely confused until he added "Is this the North Pole?" Oy!!!


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I'm on your side Court, there is a difference between those words!!! :) maybe it is our midwest accent...but they are 3 different words and they sound different