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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blizzard of '09!

The weekend before Christmas, we had a huge snowstorm! It snowed from Friday night until early Sunday morning and in the end, I think we got somewhere around 20 inches, which is a lot for this area -- especially in December! This picture was taken in our front yard Saturday night. One of our holiday lighted trees is completely buried! You can just see the glow from the lights.
Calder had a blast playing in the white stuff. He was 'helping' Daddy by bulldozing the snow off the sidewalk. He stayed out for over an hour and refused to come in because he had "a job to do." I only hope he's this enthusiastic about helping with snow removal when he's 15!
Lucky is not a fan of any type of preciptiation...but he finally relented when he was in dire need of a bathroom break!
Working hard on the sidewalks! The only way to lure Calder back inside was the promise of hot chocolate with marshmallows. He kept devouring the marshmallows and then begging for more. Ultimately, I had to hide the bag!

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