2013 Project 52

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What makes Tessa smile?

1. Yogurt. She nearly jumps out of her high chair as soon as she catches a glimpse of the container.

2. Lucky. Poor little guy is constantly on the run from her grabby little fingers.

3. Calder. She truly, truly loves her big brother. And he truly, truly loves her back.

4. Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars. On second thought...these probably make her cry more often since they are always being taken away from her.

5. Noses, mouths and chins. She's completely fascinated with them. And she wants to eat them.

6. Looking out the window. Hands down, it's her favorite thing to do right now.

At 10 months, Tessa has 2 teeth, can get into a sitting or standing position on her own, crawls on all fours, can crawl up 2 steps, cruises for a few steps, says mama (!) and dada, and loves to give wet slobbery kisses -- right on the mouth. :)

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