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Friday, June 7, 2013

End of school year fun

The end of the school year has brought so many fun activities! 

In April, Calder participated in the school science fair.  He did an experiment to find out which foods absorbed the most water.  I think white minute rice was the winner, but the gummy worms were certainly the tastiest!

In May, his school had their annual art walk, where every student in the school has a piece of artwork on display.  His is the one on top in the photo below, and his BFF's is the one on the bottom.

Also in May, he participated in his first race - the Pyramid Challenge!  It's a friendly competition with several other elementary schools.  Points are mostly given for participation.  The younger kids run 1/2 a mile and the older kids run 1 mile.

It took a lot of convincing to get him to go to this event (he refused to go last year).  But once we arrived and he saw his new neon shirt and lots of friends, he was ready to run!

Pre-race stretching

And they're off!

About halfway there!

He was totally set on beating that little boy in blue next to him and he kept eying him up as they neared the finish line.

Almost to the finish line!

Done! He ran into Daddy's arms and said "I never want to do that again!" Ha ha! I hope he changes his mind by next year.  It was so much fun!

Typical boys!

Next week is another busy week.  Field Day on Tuesday, Calder's school birthday celebration on Wednesday (kids with summer birthdays get to celebrate with their class at the end of the school year) and Class Party on Thursday!  School's out for summer on June 18th!

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