2013 Project 52

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I never did a 6 year update last August, so I'm doing a 6.5 year update instead.  Back on February 19th, I surprised Calder with 1/2 birthday Pokemon brownies.  He was thrilled!

At 6.5, Calder is consumed and obsessed with Legos.  He puts his lego sets together at lightning speed and then immediately sets his sights on a new set.  He constantly scours the house for old toys that he wants to sell so he can make money to buy more legos!  He goes through phases as to which particular sets he's obsessed with.  First it was Lego Police, then Dinosaur Legos, then Chima and now Star Wars Legos.  Our 6 year old neighbor is also a big fan, so they spend hours and hours playing with them together. 

As of late, his love of Pokemon might be dying down. He created a Pokemon "club" at school with his 3 best buddies, and they make up Pokemon games at recess.  For the first several months of school, he did nearly every one of writing assignments about Pokemon.  But lately there's been less talk of Pokemon and more talk of legos, legos, legos!

 And his newest obsession?

Yep, Uno.  It was a gift from the Easter Bunny, and he caught right on.  And if you're not on top of your game, he'll beat the pants off you.  He was totally cracking me up the other night as he practiced his dance moves while I shuffled the cards for the next round of Uno.  Dude loves to dance.  (That must come from Daddy.)

In school he loves science, math, reading and art.  He is not so fond of writing, p.e. and music. He loves to read, and he really excels at it.  We are so proud of him!  He loves chapter book series', especially Magic Tree House, A to Z Mysteries, Flat Stanley and more recently, the Ready Freddy series.  He frequently has several books going at the same time.  He looks forward to every Wednesday, when he gets to choose a new library book at school, and lately he has finished the book before I even pick him up on Wednesday evening!

He's a super deep sleeper, and could quite possibly sleep anywhere.  He gets really hot and sweaty at night, and frequently ends up mostly undressed with his ceiling fan on full blast. 

A few fun recent conversations: 

Calder: Why don’t magnolia trees lose their leaves in the winter?
Me: Hmm, I don’t know.  I never noticed until you pointed it out.
Calder: I didn’t POINT mom, I just said it.  Is that an expression?  You always use expressions!

One day I was teaching him about making change when paying for something in cash.  When it finally sunk in, he says "Oh, I get it!  Wow, you're good, mom.  I like you better now."  I think I just stared at him like, "What??" and he says "Well, I mean, I liked you before.  I just like you better now."  I guess he's easily impressed. 

He still says "ridicluous" and "reglear."  And, I'm not in any hurry for him to stop.  It is just so cute.


He is still a very sensitive, loving and curious boy.  He asks questions about how things work all the time.  He loves nature, climbing trees and just being outside. He is just so much fun to be around!

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