2013 Project 52

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Tessa is four!

We didn't do a party this year.  We celebrated at home with Poppa and Grandma Peggy who were visiting for the weekend.  I thought she might be upset, especially as she continued to talk about her "party" as the big day approached, but I think she was perfectly happy with our little celebration.  She had cake with her friends at school earlier in the week, and we had yummy fruit pancakes on her birthday -- with lots and lots of whipped cream and sprinkles, and then strawberry shortcake for dessert that night!  She couldn't be happier!

She was thrilled to get her first bouquet -- from Mommy!
A few things I want to remember about her at age 4:

- Her favorite game is hide and seek.  And she gives herself away every single time.
- She loves to refer to people as "My dear"
- She loves pistachios  -- just like Zaidy.
- She has a major sweet tooth.
- She's very sensitive, and easily gets her feelings hurt.
- She loves any project that involves glue or scissors.
- She loves riding in the car with the windows down -- just like Mommy and Poppa!
- When something goes her way, she gives a fist pump and says "Yes!"
- She likes to listen to bible stories on the iPad.
- She LOVES hidden picture activity books.  And she's really good at them! 
- She is always asking if she can do some "homework".  We have tons of preschool workbooks that she really likes to do -- especially if Calder has homework. 
- She is always taking off her socks, so her feet can "get some fresh air".
- She has recently taken a huge interest in Lucky, and is constantly trying to get him to kiss her. 

And some quotable quotes from "our dear":

"May I please excuse the table?"
"Sounds like you went to sleep on the wrong side of the bed!"
"I had a furious day at school today."
"I want to wear my booty pjs tonight. You know - the ones with socks what aren't really socks?"
Oh, how she loves to be silly!

She still naps, which is quite a surprise, since Calder gave up his nap at age 2.5.  We actually did give up Tessa's nap at one point, and then realized that she really still needed them.  We don't call it nap time though.  It's "quiet time" in her room and she just happens to fall asleep almost every single time.  She's a little bit Jekyll and Hyde.  She can be super super sweet one moment...but can easily turn on a dime.  We're still struggling with some behavior issues, but have high hopes that age four will show some major improvements! 

She still has a little bit of a lisp, and she says "Thl" instead of "fl".  So, it's "thlower" instead of "flower" (which is funny, because Calder used to do the exact opposite!)   She also says "what" instead of "that".   

She continues to be obsessed with baby dolls.  She's expanding a little bit beyond her favorites (Rohan and Jaya) and even shares them with her sister, sometimes.  She loves to pretend that she is a mommy and that she is dropping her baby off at school with me, the teacher.  She also loves to stuff the babies up her shirt and then pretend that they were just born. 

Happy Birthday to our big girl!  We love you so!

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