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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look at me go!

Look who's on the move! She got her new leg braces on Wednesday to replace the orthotics. The first few days, she HATED them. They do a better job of forcing her foot flat, and since they come up fairly high, it makes it a little harder for her to crawl. By Friday, I figured out that it was the left leg brace that she was hating so much. It actually seemed that the brace was forcing her left foot inward, and since that is her 'good' leg, I decided to see how it would go with just the right brace. I took her outside, put her down, and she was off! I was completely amazed. She was having so much fun, she absolutely refused to go back inside.
She's pants-less in these pictures because I was testing out the tights to see if they worked better than socks under the braces.  The socks kept riding down and getting wrinkled under the brace, which also bothered her.  Tights work much better! 

She's not walking 100% of the time yet, but she's definitely walking a lot more than just the week before. I think she sometimes just forgets that she can walk, but she also gets tired pretty easily. I'm also not sure if our one brace solution is going to be ok with her therapist, but we'll find out on Wednesday.

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Wild Family said...

Yay! for Alyse!! I am so happy it is working so well :)